A New Beginning

While I have been blogging for some time, this blog is a fresh start in several ways.  My former blog served me well in that I was able to put many thoughts into words, and make a few friends along the way.  Sadly, and due to the subject of so many conversations in Lutheran circles, my once personal and semi-inspirational blog had become just another vehicle for debate.   Instead of posting stories and lessons learned through ministry, church politics and calls for reform became the headlines of my posts.  While I agree with so many of those who are speaking out, such was not what I intended for my posts four years ago when I first began blogging.

What I hope to accomplish through these new pages on the web, is to reclaim that which was lost; chiefly, sharing insights and experiences as I live them, and see them through my Lutheran lenses.  I have been a member of the Lutheran Church all my life.  My wife kids me that I must have worn red diapers as an infant.  Lutheranism is how I have experienced life in Christ’s church on earth, and Lutheranism is what makes sense to me. 

I hope those who read my previous musings will find this blog to be a faithful reflection of one who is saved by God’s grace through faith in Christ Jesus.  As my thoughts begin to make their way onto these pages, perhaps you will find something interesting.  You might even find it within yourself to make a comment or two.   In either case, I am glad to be back on amongst friends the blogosphere.

Grace to you and peace from God the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ!

Now would someone please pour me a cup of coffee, pass the green jello and hum a few bars ………Amighty fortress is our God……

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3 Responses to A New Beginning

  1. heartofapastor says:

    Oh wow…am I the first commentor on this blog? That’s exciting! In any case…I look forward to reading your insights and your reflections. God bless you in your ministry and Happy Advent.

  2. revdw1 says:

    Glad you found the place Eric. I look forward to building this blog and filling it with some interesting posts.

  3. Dave
    I’m glad that you are back on the web. There’s no question that Lutheranism is up for grabs right now and the web is one of the places where the Confessional witness is being re-fired again for a new generation.

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