Two Good Books

With the prospect of bad weather looming during the winter months, some may be looking for a good book or two that they may dig into.  It wasn’t long ago that we had a stretch of rain and really nasty weather, during which I found a very nice tandem.  I highly recommend Mitch Albom’s new book Have a Little Faith.  In true Albom fashion, Have a Little Faith provides insight to how God works through the lives of unlikely people, and transforms those who take on the task of ministry.

I quickly followed up reading Have a Little Faith with Max Lucado’s book It’s Not About Me.  Max Lucado has a way of stating the obvious in a wonderfully simplistic way that engages millions of readers.  In this particular book, Lucado puts life in the proper perspective, reinforces his point with scripture and guides the reader on a journey of faith.

Reading these two books one after the other proved to be a good exercise.  One can see the faith practices and ideals of It’s Not About Me lived out and experienced through the pages of Mitch Albom’s Have a Little Faith.  It is nothing short of amazing what God accomplishes through the lives of ordinary people.

The best part is that no one theology is placed over and above another.  Sure, you can easily apply the Lutheran hermeneutic of “…saved by faith through grace apart from good works.”  But Lutherans don’t own this one exclusively.  The lessons of these two books come through loud and clear regardless of religious background.

Have a little time on your hands?  Is this a good time to get lost in a book or two?  Well, warm up some soup, brew a pot of coffee or tea and enjoy these two simple to read yet astounding books.  Soon you will see the power of God in your life and the lives of others in a new and interesting light.  I know you will.  Have a little faith!  After all, it’s not really about me anyway now is it?

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