So this is where I put this blog…

It has been quite a while since regular posting has taken place here, but it’s not for lack of interesting things to submit.  Indeed, plenty of good things have happened and continue to happen in this pastor’s life and ministry.  Now that I am away from the office for a few weeks, perhaps I can begin to see through the fog and see some things from a different perspective.  As for maintaining this blog, I believe my longer than expected hiatus from posting is the result of months of frustration in several areas.  

Pertaining to one such issue, it has been no secret that I have found myself in the midst of the struggle associated with the 2009 ELCA Churchwide decisions regarding human sexuality.  To simply remain engaged in this discussion takes plenty of energy, determination, study, restraint and cooperation.  The conversation will be ongoing for years to come, and we are kidding ourselves if we think it will be enough to simply agree to disagree on such complex issues.  Certainly, there is much work to be done before we can move on as so many wish would happen.  I will address some of my concerns in the near future.

As for my local ministry, the ideal of being a pastor with high expectations and eagerness to begin new ministries is beginning to clash with the realities of serving a small congregation.  I am feeling the same frustrations of other pastors as I try to begin new ministries, create more learning opportunities and enhance our worship without burning out the small number of people willing to help get the ball rolling.  More often than not, it seems that we are trying to roll the ball up a very steep hill.  Still, I am hopeful that this time away from the office will allow for some new insight and inspiration, but I can’t help but feel a bit apprehensive in making some suggestions.

Finally, having been neglectful in maintaining my blog, I’ve noticed the landscape has changed somewhat.  It looks as though it is time to say farewell to some favorites as they have wrapped up their blogs.  On the other hand, I’m glad for the opportunity to renew acquaintances with some and discover the offerings of others.  Let’s see what happens.

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4 Responses to So this is where I put this blog…

  1. Welcome back. Yes, it seems that many bloggers don’t post as often and those who still do seem to get fewer comments. But it has been nice to “meet” people and keep in touch with some whom I would never have met otherwise. Some are now on Facebook more often than on blogs. But it is much harder to meet people on Facebook unless they come from our pasts.

  2. revdw1 says:

    Hi PS, good “seeing” you.

  3. ivory14450 says:

    It’s good to have you back. Blogging is very time consuming, but when able, I find it helpful and hope others get something from what I write.

    I don’t remember, so please remind me, you serve a small congregation. Is it rural? During seminary, I have come to fall in love with small town/rural ministry. You will remain in my prayers. It is much harder to accomplish energy consuming plans with a smaller group.

    In 11 days, we move to Petersburg, WV for internship. I can’t believe I’m at that point in seminary already. It seems it wasn’t that long ago that you were encouraging me regarding Greek. Now I will find myself spending the year in a small town/rural area.

    Blessings to you and may God continue to give you grace for the journey.


  4. 1.eyed.jack says:

    Good to see you back on the radar my friend. Prayers for encouragement, entheusiasm, and energy to the grand poobah.

    ps, I’m unemployeed………….voluntarily. 😉

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