A New Year Prayer

carols barn 2Our most gracious heavenly Father,
You spoke your Creation into being when you said “Let there be light.” And now, through your Son Jesus Christ, you bring your creation to another new year of light and life. Even as we are a fallen humanity, children who stray from your goodness, we confess our shortcomings and ask your forgiveness and grace.

At the onset of this new year, give us the will to minister to those whom you have placed within our midst. Strengthen us in love that we may feed the hungry, provide shelter for the homeless, care for the sick and reach out to the lost and forgotten sharing the good news of Christ and the power of your love.

Bless your people with the presence of your Holy Spirit. In our uncertainties, give us assurance of your grace. In our doubts and fears, help us turn to you for guidance. In our disputes, bring us to peaceful resolution. In our pain and sickness, bring us healing and wholeness. In our selfishness, give us generous hearts. In all of our temptations, give us the strength to seek your kingdom first.

Everlasting Father, you are the author of all life. We give you thanks for the powerful witness of your saints and for all who have gone before us. Lead us by their faithful example, that we too might live according to your will. And finally, even as we begin a new year in our earthly pilgrimage, we patiently await the day when you come again, reuniting all your people, making all things new.

Bless us all according to your loving kindness, and bring us into the glory of your kingdom. This we pray in the powerful name above all names, Jesus Christ our savior and Lord.  Amen.


Photo: My sister’s Barn, Courtesy of my sister Carol

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