Life Made Simple

Bible with glassesYour word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. Psalm 119:105

Taking a look around my desk, I am amazed at the technological gadgets at our disposal. We have so many things designed to make our lives simpler, solve our problems and keep us connected. On my desk alone there is a laptop computer, an iPhone, an iPod and a telephone. Each of these devices is connected to our local area network, which in turn connects me to an unlimited amount of information. This technology also allows me to speak with people just down the hall or around the world all in an instant. It truly is amazing when you think about it.

But at some point, all of my gadgets will either fail or become obsolete; I will need new gadgets will replace the old. Along with new things will come new instructions, which will force me to learn new words and new methods. I won’t do this readily. The older I get the more resistant to such changes I become and the more I long for the old ways. Yet, if I want to remain connected with the world I will have to find a way to adapt. It’s what the world expects; it’s what the world demands. Thankfully, such is not the case for the Church in her relationship with God.

God is the maker and provider of all things. Every need for life on earth is met through God’s provision; every day is a gift freely given from our heavenly Father. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, God revealed the magnitude of his grace, mercy and love made manifest through his only begotten Son Jesus Christ. Filled with this same Holy Spirit, those who heard his teaching, saw his miracles and witnessed his death and resurrection shared this good news of God’s love for all generations to come. The truth of the gospel has been handed down through the ages that all may come to know of God’s salvation through Christ Jesus.

On my desk there is also a Bible. Yes, we can all access the Bible on our computers or phones, but the book with its pages bound together containing God’s written Word is the only means among these that will not fail. It will not become obsolete, it does not need to be connected to an external power source and its battery will not run down. Reading Holy Scripture does not make our earthly problems vanish, nor does it always make our lives simpler. Scripture does, however, help the faithful put life in its proper perspective. Instead of applying the instructions of our advanced society, the Bible helps us follow God’s precepts. When we fall short of God’s expectations, Holy Scripture points us in the direction of God’s mercy and grace.

The apostles gave witness to the saving act of God through Jesus of Nazareth and published these glad tidings for all to see and hear. The only instructions we need to follow are to pray, open the book and then read. Doing such, we remain connected with God, the apostles and all the saints in the mystical body of Christ. Certainly the world and all of its innovations can be used for the purposes of good. But it is God’s Word, our great heritage that remains as lamp to our feet and light to our path. Really, it’s just that simple.

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