Stirring up faith

7579848194_5184f7c12f_zAnd suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind, and it filled the entire house where they were sitting. Acts 2:2

On this Sunday of Pentecost, this day we celebrate God’s gift of the Holy Spirit, we also celebrate the birth of God’s Church. In our worship, our learning and our serving, we see God’s Spirit in action. We feel the power of God’s love as the Spirit comes like the rush of a violent wind, stirring the hearts and minds of God’s people to faithfulness. These are the themes of Pentecost; the power of God’s Spirit blowing through the lives of God’s people.

It isn’t about wearing your red dress or shirt to church on Pentecost Sunday. It isn’t about confirming our youth as they complete their initial study of the catechism. It’s about the Holy Spirit of God blowing in the doors of the hearts and minds of God’s people, rearranging the furniture of our lives and filling us with all the confidence, strength, excitement and assurance the disciples had in order to share the good news of God’s redemption.

Think about the world around you. Think about the things you have heard and seen. Think about all the times in your life when you thought you were at wits end, don’t’ you think the world needs to hear this good news of great joy? In so many ways and in so many instances, God makes his presence and power known in ways so clear that no matter what, people can know and understand his mercy and grace are real and that his love lasts forever.

This is exciting stuff folks. This is the stuff movies are made of…good movies!

The gospel of our Lord is the best news you are ever going to get in your life. The times you first realized God’s grace is for you, that you have been rescued from the consequences of sin forever is as good as it gets.

When you are young, prom is a big moment. Some of us know kids who have recently gone to their first prom. Guess what, as good as the prom was, God claiming you to be his child is better. When you get older, graduation comes with all of its pomp and circumstance. Guess what, it can’t compare with all the glory of heaven. There are still bigger moments ahead in your lives. College, your first real love, engagement, marriage, the purchase of a home, and the birth of a child. You know what? All of these are blessings from a loving God, yet because of Christ Jesus, the best is yet to come.

People of God, all of these are wonderful events; they are milestone moments, monumental achievements, and times of great joy. But if that is where you live; if these are the most important times in your life, you’ve missed the boat. None of these can even compare with the fact that through Christ Jesus, God has saved you from sin and death, made you holy in his sight and prepared a heavenly home for you. Nothing can compare with the fact that through Christ Jesus, God has saved your life for all time. That’s good news, that’s exciting.

On this day of Pentecost, as we celebrate God’s gift of the Holy Spirit, let us pray that God stirs us into such faithfulness that we cannot help but tell others the good news of salvation through Christ Jesus. As we strive to follow the example of our Lord Jesus, may we continue to love others as we are loved, feed the hungry, care for the sick and minister to those who are least of all.

Come Holy Spirit, kindle in us the fire of your love!

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